Why ThreeFold Now?

If you've seen 'The Social Dilemma' then you already understand the very-real concerns around data privacy and security. While the current Internet has plenty of apps, games and gadgets to keep you busy, they come with a few caveats: 

  • "Free" but with a price.

    • Many of these apps may be free to download and use, but the companies providing these apps track and gather your personal information, online activity, and other data.
    • This data can then be sold to marketers, credit agencies and other third parties without your knowledge or consent.
    • You might think you're getting a free product, but in reality it's the other way around — the product is actually you.
  • Your content, their property.

    • You spend countless hours creating and sharing content on social media, winning items in games, and building up a following. You'd think you own this digital "property," but think again
    • With most sites and platforms, the companies themselves actually own it, and use it to generate traffic and revenue without you receiving your fair share.
    • And when you close your account or the game is discontinued, you lose your content and your access.

We created ThreeFold Now in order to us all safe, secure, and private alternatives to the tools and applications we know and love. This marketplace will decentralize our lives.

Features & Benefit

  • You are in the center, not a third-party service provider!
  • Easy-to-deploy and ready-to-use
  • Core functionalities remain present in alternate open source solutions
  • Create a decentralized instance that you entirely own and manage
  • Full data privacy and ownership
  • Securely hosted on the peer-to-peer ThreeFold Grid
  • Pay only for the capacity that you use — no hidden fees or selling of your data

This is just the beginning of a whole new Internet, one that is accessible to all, puts people back in the center of their digital lives, and is better for our planet.