How to use ThreeFold Now

First, visit the ThreeFold Now Marketplace

  • You'll see solutions organized into various categories.
  • Simply choose the solution you want to launch from the menu.
  • You'll need to log in through ThreeFold Connect, an authenticator for the ThreeFold Now Marketplace.
  • You can find more on ThreeFold Connect here.

Next, use the guided setup to create your solution

  • Each solution has its own flow – actions in order to deploy your own instance on top of the ThreeFold Grid.
  • If you're feeling lost, each live tool has a tutorial on its page here on the wiki.

Where to ask questions

  • Feel free to ask us any questions you might have on our forum in the feedback category.
  • We also have a Telegram Group for TF Grid testers here.

Please keep in mind that ThreeFold Now is currently running on testnet. Some of the first solutions will be coming to mainnet in December.

Please forgive any instability you might encounter while our developers continue to work to bring you the best solutions possible and keep in mind the forum (linked directly above) is there for you to bring questions or report any issues.

As we are operating in demo mode, your deployments will be automatically be cancelled after three hours once you have had a chance to see what is possible.