CryptPad (Collaborative Docs)

Collaborating on documents in real-time is incredible important in today's world. So this solution was a no-brainer.

Open Source Solution: CryptPad

Many alternatives are available to the the dominant doc collaboration tools from Microsoft and Google, but ThreeFold endorses and supports the open-source CryptPad project – a private-by-design alternative.

Why CryptPad?

  • It has most of the same crucial functionalities you would be used to with existing tools.
  • More importantly, all the content stored on CryptPad is encrypted before being sent, which means nobody can access your data unless you give them the keys (not even us).
  • Encryption happens in the browser that is used to access the "pads" – and therefore the central storage facility used does not see un-encrypted data and only sees encrypted data passing by.

The ThreeFold team uses it for internal documents and collaboration, and now so can end-users on the ThreeFold Grid. The functionality includes:

A rich text editor

This is an alternative to Word and Google Docs. It allows you to create documents and to collaborate with others to co-create documents, as CryptPad supports multi-user access to documents for co-editing and collaborations. The sharing facility uses unique access keys allowing other to see the content un-encrypted.

A code editor

A presentation creation tool

A spreadsheet creator and editor

A poll creation tool

A Kanban project management tool

A Whiteboard tool

An encrypted drive to store files

How to Deploy

Please visit the Marketplace Wiki to find instructions, if available. Note: Not all apps are yet live.

If you need any support, please join our Testing Community or visit our forum!

Support CryptPad here.